Privacy Policy

"Privacy Policy

Collection and Use of Personal Information
Nextrad Inc. will collect users’ personal information only after clarifying the purpose of use in advance, and will use them within the limits of the purpose.  

Disclosure of Personal Information to the Third Party
Nextrad Inc. in principle will not disclose users’ personal information to any third parties without their consent.  However, in case of fulfilling the following items, the personal information can be disclosed.  
1) In case that laws and regulations require it.
2) In case that we conclude that it is indispensable to provide our services between cooperating companies with nondisclosure agreements, partners companies, or subcontracting companies.  
3) In case that it is indispensable to protect a human’s life, body, or property, and is difficult to obtain the principal’s consent.
4) In case that personal information is provided along with business successions, such as a merger and transfer.

Use of Statistical Data
Our services can create and use statistical data in a format where an individual cannot be identified, based on provided personal information, for improvement of our services and as references.
Cookies and IP Addresses
Our services may obtain cookies and IP addresses depending on the functions users use.  You are able to change your browser’s setup to avoid cookies; however, some functions will be restricted to use in that case.
Change of Contents
Nextrad Inc. may be able to change the contents of this document without notifying users in advance.  The change of this document will be effective at the time it is displayed on the website, and it will be deeded that the users consent it.  
For Inquiries regarding Personal Information
Please contact each department of Nextrad regarding your own personal information.  Please be aware that we may have to confirm your identification beforehand to protect personal information.  Thank you.

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